Ghosts and Spirits series are based on the idea that all the people you ever loved never actually leave you. And I’m not only talking about people that are gone because their life has ended, I’m also talking about people that leave your life for whatever reason, your paths just aren’t connected anymore. It happens. It’s normal.
But they leave “something” behind. They leave an impression. An imprint. A residue of energy. A “ghost”. Following you thru out your life. And I’m calling that something “a ghost” because it feels like you’re being haunted.
Sometimes you are aware who is “haunting” you because you are able to remember the person, the moment, the action. But sometimes you just feel something “familiar” coming back to you,
like a memory but not clear, you remember a feeling you once felt, a person you once knew, but now it’s all unknown to you.
Is this strange?
But as you move on from one painting to the next see more with your instinct, your intuition and less
with your eyes. You’ll understand what I mean.


A selection of my works.